Thank you, London

What a show the Brits put on last night to bid adieu to the Olympics.

It was a nostalgic blast from the past, integrated into the present with a high-tech array of lighting throughout the stadium and over-the-top staging that had me wondering what’s next, even when NBC told me what was coming before the commercial break.

It made me realize how much my love of music is deeply tied to our friends across the pond. Music from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Queen, Elton John and many others performed by many of today’s Brit stars was fun to both see and hear. I haven’t been waiting for the reunion of the Spice Girls but when they rolled onstage, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Spice indeed.

I think my favorite moment was Fatboy Slim at the head of a giant octopus doing his music mix thing. It made no sense. It made perfect sense.

London was the epicenter of music, its tentacles reaching out across the globe to pull us in on the celebration.

At least, that was my interpretation of it.

After two weeks of games, months of hype, and hundreds of millions spent in staging, hosting and bringing us the spectacle of the 2012 Olympics, London should be able to take the day off today. True to form, they brought the curtain down.

I’m glad I tuned in.

Even if it was on tape delay.