36 Years Between Follies

Last night at St. Louis U High, the class of 2012 put on their rendition of the Senior Follies.

Overall, it was a well done show, though if you didn’t know some of the teachers being referenced in the skits, some of the laughs may have passed you by.

Tom Jr. was on stage at SLUH for his final high school performance. He is in a class that features several extremely gifted actors and I count him among that group. Tom has a very commanding stage presence – he’s portrayed Lenny from Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”. He’s been Henry the VIIIth in “A Man for All Seasons”. In his most recent role, he was the bad guy gangster in a play set in the 1940s called “Filthy Rich”.

But last night was fun and games time. Not only did he perform in several skits, he also wrote quite a few of them, as well as shot and edited a short video that featured crisp editing, great title graphics and a funny story to boot.

He is a talent far beyond where I was when I took to the stage with my fellow members of SLUH’s Class of ’76 for our own version of the Senior Follies. There were about 25 skits last night and the show lasted around three hours. I was exhausted when it was finally over and marveled at the level of dancing, singing and acting – not from everyone, of course, but that’s kind of what makes the evening fun in the first place.

I certainly don’t remember that level of commitment from myself or my fellow classmates – let’s just say our commitments were elsewhere. I do remember that I authored a skit or two though apparently they were so memorable, I have absolutely no recollection of what they were about.

I vaguely recall a Hollywood Squares rip-off portraying different teachers. I also remember some skit where we were all dressed as Jesuits doing some sort of song and dance and one other skit was similar in style to Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In where everyone danced around. Then the music would stop and someone would deliver some witty line.

Apparently, we didn’t go too deep or perhaps, my memory just flat out fails me on this one.

I do know one thing though – when it comes to acting, I know who the amateur is and he doesn’t have a Jr. after the name Tom.

So on his final performance, I have just one thing to say …

Bravo, Tom. Bravo.