Reigniting my love affair with creating radio commercials

I have the privilege of being a guest speaker at Walt Jaschek‘s radio ad production course that he teaches through the Webster University School of Communications.

During my one-hour presentation, I’ll be sharing some of my all-time favorite radio commercials that I have produced through the years. Sad to say, there are no recent spots that I’ll be sharing. It’s not that I’ve lost my skill-set for creating radio commercials that stand out, get noticed and acted upon. I simply don’t have the client list that does broadcast advertising anymore.

And that’s a shame. Radio has always been one of my favorite modes of advertising. I’ve probably written and produced more than 200 radio commercials throughout my career. I’ve had the opportunity to create memorable spots for a wide variety of clients – here’s a short list …

The Missouri Division of Tourism; St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis Baseball Cardinals, Six Flags, AAA Insurance, Charter Communications, The Pasta House Company, Missouri Division of Highways Safety – I could go on and on but I won’t.

No matter what the client, service or product, I always sought to deliver their key message in some attention-getting, memorable way.

I’ve done a jingle or two. I’ve done humor. I’ve done drama. I’ve been hollered at by Peter Graves and Jack Buck – all in the pursuit of creating radio commercials that cut through, are memorable and that get the cash register or the phone to ring.

Creating great radio commercials involves the ultimate theater of the mind. Through words, sound effects, music and the talent you choose you can paint a picture in someone’s head and if you do it right, plant a seed as well that gets that person to act.

Going through the radio reel that exists on my website as well as raiding my archives made me realize just how much I miss both writing and producing radio spots. It’s a talent I have that has gone untapped for too long.

I wish there were some car dealer out there or local retailer who wants to reach a very targeted audience and knows they could be doing better with their radio efforts. Maybe there’s a new product or service that needs launching. Maybe a local golf course is tired of seeing their number of players continue to go down. Whoever, whatever, I could virtually guarantee that I could do a better job than anything they’ve ever done before.

I just need someone to pick up the phone and call me.

This operator is standing by.

Mad props to E-merge Interactive

My bloodlines creative website ( went live about two weekends ago. It took longer than I expected – than again, this is a rather work-filled website so it’s quite heavy on content and putting all that content into place takes time. I’m sure it also took a good deal of patience. So I want to thank everyone at E-merge Interactive for working with me. Ed Madden was my key point of contact. He took some initial designs I presented him with and plussed the home page, bringing my tag line of “Big Ideas Start Here” to life. Barry Lee oversaw the programming and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the last name of Shaun, the main man who did all the programming – but he was awesome, particularly the one afternoon where we sat down side by side and fine-tuned one page and one set of samples at a time.

There’s a lot of work still ahead of me building up the content and look of all my links and there’s a lot of work I wish I had featured – particularly many of the radio and TV commercials I did in my distant past. The Pasta House Company commercial with the spinning statue of David and the fake Jack Nicholson voiceover has always been one of my favorites – but I don’t have it anymore. There were several commercials for Mark Twain Banks that I’d love to have on there – one where we crushed a toaster, talking about how they don’t do free gifts. Another series that was all type and flashes of color set to jazz music scored by Jay Oliver who now plays in Jimmy Buffett’s band that helped sell a boatload of annuities. I could lament some of the missing radio spots as well. The fact is, I don’t get to do hardly any radio and TV spots anymore and that has always disappointed me. I consider myself somewhat of a master of the low budget, big idea spot. Very rarely in my career did I ever have what would be considered lucrative budgets to work with. Small to even smaller was always the order of the day. So if anyone out there is looking for some big ideas for their radio or TV efforts – you know where to find me.

And for those of you who aren’t all that familiar with my work, now it’s a whole lot easier to see at least a representative sampling of what I’ve done and hopefully, give you some kind of idea of what I could possibly do for you. The site also contains a sampling of a few of the paintings I’ve done in the Tom’s gallery section. I’ve had a total of three fine art gallery showings in my past and also had many of my works on display at several different restaurants. What was once my painting room is now my office and there’s simply no place in our household right now for me to resume that hobby which also became a passion. But I do encourage you to check it out.

If you visit the site, I thank you. And if you’re a company or an individual that is looking for solutions, not just tactics with your e-marketing, I suggest you contact E-merge Interactive at or just pick up the phone, call 647-3900 and ask for Kerry Brown.

They helped me out tremendously with my site and I’m letting people know that. After all, one good turn deserves another.