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This summer, there will be a gorgeous pool here, overlooking this gorgeous view.

This summer, there will be a gorgeous pool here, overlooking this gorgeous view.

I’ve had the privilege the past two years of working on an account that’s in the business of building pools. They do awesome work and I am continually impressed at the end result of their efforts.

Similar to advertising and marketing, it’s a process. First and foremost, you have to be invited to pitch the business. Then you need to convince the buyer that what you offer is going to be the ideal solution for them. Once you’re awarded the job, you’re expected to deliver and it takes a lot of hard work along the way to get the job done right.

This past week, I went to visit one of their current clients where work is in progress. It was a cold, dank day. The wind was blowing and rain or sleet was expected later in the afternoon. Still, there was a story waiting to be told.

This pool was going to be built on the side of a hill, ultimately resulting in a gorgeous view overlooking the valley below. But in order to do that, about 600 tons of rock needed to be moved in order to flatten out the hill and build a base.

That’s truly laying the groundwork for a pool.

During my visit to the site, I took a few moments to ponder my surroundings. Here I was, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. All was quiet. No birds chirping and nobody in sight as far as the eye could see.

Just me, taking a few photos of a bunch of rocks that had been spray painted to outline the perimeter of the pool. There was a solitude to it all and for a brief moment, I took in the view and felt a sense of gratefulness.

A few days before, I didn’t even know this project existed. But there I was, documenting the work that had been done to date. It’s going to be a magnificent pool when it’s all said and done.

But there’s still a lot of work to do.

For them, and for me.

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There’s a surprise inside!

Anyone who regularly reads this blog (there are a few of you) may often wonder, “What’s next?” and after reading this post, you may really start to wonder.

But in a way, this has to do with marketing and cross-promotions so in my mind, it’s relevant.

This morning, when I woke up for my normal breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios I discovered I was once again about to empty another box. We go through Honey Nut Cheerios at an incredible rate in this household. I eat them. Our middle son, Michael devours them and our other two kids snack on them from time to time. So no big deal that another box was on its way to the recycling bin. But as I was pouring out the last few O’s, I noticed they were getting stuck. I reached into the box and lo and behold, I pulled out a mini Justice League DC comic book.


I loved the Justice League when I was a kid, I loved comics when I was a kid. I immediately began reading, setting aside the morning newspaper to instead read the adventures of Flash, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, WonderWoman and one character I’m not sure who he is anymore and he wasn’t identified – but I think he’s the Green Hornet.

The story didn’t quite hold together for me but at least in the end, justice triumphed and I figured that was a fine way to start my day. And I thought to myself, what a great cross promo – kids may read the comics and become fans and old men like myself might take a moment to read and remember those days when superheroes ruled and life was good. DC gets more exposure and Honey Nut Cheerios gets to align themselves with characters who have super powers.

After finishing my bowl, I was ready to take on the world, fired up by a simple comic strip and excited by the fact that there were three more in the series, meaning that more morning adventures  await me.

Wheaties may be the Breakfast of Champions but I’d rather start my morning off with the Justice League any time.