Get more business

As I continue to try and grow my own business, one thing continues to stand out: I need to always be looking to get more business.

When you’re a salaried employee, you kind of take your income for granted. You’re paid every two weeks and though it may never seem like enough, still, you’re paid every two weeks.

I am not a salaried employee anymore. I am, to paraphrase Joe Guerra, a fellow freelancer, a “hired gun”. Joe has done quite well for himself. He consistently delivers quality creative work. The St. Louis market is literally crawling with really good freelance people – writers, art directors, videographers, web designers – I never really thought all that much about all them as they struggled to find work, keep work, get new clients and hold on to existing ones until I joined their ranks.

I salute each and every freelancer who’s out there right now. I could name quite a few – Bob Cox, an excellent art director who I have teamed up with on a recent project. Kit Hieronymus, my long-time friend who’s been going the freelance route for about the past two years. Walt Jaschek who I see up at the Lodge working out and who I enjoy sharing trials and tribulations with. Jon Nail, an art director I almost hired a few years back who I’ve yet to catch up with since I’ve been out on my own. Buz Phelan, a talented art director and designer who I met with earlier in the year and we’re still looking to team up on a project some time soon. I could go on and on … because the list goes on and on.

We’re all out there trying to not just get work, but to do great work whenever and wherever we are called upon. You don’t always know where that next assignment will come from or who might call you as a result of seeing your website ( or reading a blog post and having someone say, “You know what, I’m going to call this guy. I enjoy his blog, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy working with him.”

That’s the hope at least.

Call me.

I need to get more business.