The advantages of not being a swing state

Election Day is 121 days away and I’m glad I don’t live in Iowa.

Iowa is one of the key swing states in our national election. There are others of course, but I’m choosing to pick on Iowa.

It rankles me that Missouri has lost its swing state status. We’re simply not relevant enough. Both the east and the west coast already view Missouri as a serious fly-over state – “Move along, folks, nothing to see here.”

Now the political elite have deemed that there’s simply no reason to invest any large sums of money in political advertising trying to convince us Show-Me Staters that we should vote one way or the other.¬†As a result, we’re missing out on all the mud-slinging put out by the campaigns of the two gentleman who are battling each other for the right to lead our country.

In Iowa, they’re knee-deep in the muck.

I was advised back when I began this blog to avoid politics. To a degree, I have.

I’m not trying to sway anyone one way or the other in how they should vote. I have voted in every single election and I will vote in this one as well. But I can also see why so many Americans don’t exercise their right to vote – they view it as futile and many are so turned off by the endless negativity surrounding our final two choices that they abstain from voting altogether. That’s not right.

The latest Obama ad claims, “Romney is not the solution. He’s the problem.”

Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul counters that with, “The American people deserve better than dishonest ads.”

In the meantime, they’ve been airing a commercial where the only voiceover is that of President Obama who declares, “The private sector is doing fine.” Of course as that line is delivered, we see supers of, ‘23.2 million American are unemployed’ and, ’40 straight months over 8% employment’.

It’s easy for advertising to manipulate. In a recent USA Today poll conducted only in swing states, 8% of those interviewed said that political ads had changed their views and 70% of them said that they help confirm their thinking.

So the money is pouring in and local TV stations are the key beneficiaries. That’s got to help the local economy in some way, shouldn’t it? But it won’t be helping ours.

As summer rolls into fall, things are really going to heat up and as usual, it will get uglier and uglier.

What a shame.

We’ll miss most of that national mud-slinging here in Missouri. We’ll have to settle with our own bashing of why our in-state candidates are wrong for Missouri and catch up on the national scene without benefit of these finely crafted attacks on either Mitt or Barrack.

Maybe it will help us make a more informed decision.