I detest the Rogue

Whoever is doing media placement for Nissan should be fired immediately.

I have now seen the Nissan Rogue commercial at least seventy times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiprDsiDvIQ

Maybe it’s my viewing habits as my television viewing consists primarily of sports programming and apparently, ESPN cut Nissan a sweetheart of a deal to run a commercial that I disliked the very first time I saw it. And now it seems to run over and over and over and over and over again.

Everything about it bothers me. The sound track is beyond annoying. There’s this uppity looking, I-know-I’m-better-than-you twenty-something female behind the wheel. In the passenger seat is some dweeb twenty-something professional wanna-be who looks nervously at his watch. And for good measure, there’s a smiling idiot in the back seat who’s along for the ride. Only eight words of dialogue are spoken.

“We’re gonna be late,” says Dweeb. The uppity-looking driver smiles an oh-so-perfect smile and floors it through the streets of San Francisco, narrowly missing a cable car and then the car veers off, flys up a ramp and lands on a train.

The train porter looks up, thinking, “this is the eighth jumper we’ve had today,” as the mischievous Rogue speeds along the rooftop of the train, only to disembark into the parking lot of wherever that destination was that they were going to be so late for in the first place.

“Oh, are we early?” says the dominant female who I’m sure will later crush this guys entire persona during their important business meeting. The guy in the back is in on the joke.

“Commute your way with the bold, all new Nissan Rogue,” says the voiceover.

Not in a million years.

I’m not sure if it’s Chiat/Day or TBWA behind this dreadful commercial – but either they got it completely wrong with the media buy or they’re way off base with the creative. Think about it. The commercial runs repeatedly on sports programming – a total male dominated audience and here we have this domineering female who is in complete control of everything – the vehicle, her helpless male passengers, even the yet-to-happen business meeting. Are we supposed to somehow identify with that and yearn to purchase this car?

I don’t think so.

So maybe the commercial has a strong pull with up-and-coming professional young women.

Sorry, but I don’t think they’re watching early-season conference basketball games or Sports Center wrapups.

It’s all wrong.

I’m sure I’m probably not the target audience for this vehicle. I think I’d probably get stuck trying to get in or out of it. So why have I seen it seventy times?

I looked up the definition of Rogue – it’s an unprincipled, deceitful and unreliable person, a scoundrel or rascal.

Great name for a car. The commercial is certainly rogue-like.

Please, Nissan. Run something else. You’re contributing mightily to people’s hatred of advertising.

I hope your car soon goes the way of the Edsel.

NFL Owners: clean up this mess

A debacle. A travesty. The worst blown call in the history of the NFL. A fix. Sheer incompetence at its highest level.

Call it whatever you want, but the ending to last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Packers and the Seahawks has got to be the tipping point to get the owners of the NFL to cave in and come to an agreement with the real NFL refs regarding their pay and pension.

I read that the difference between the two parties is about $10 million, which, if they did settle for that amount would cost each NFL team a little over $310,000 or about $40,000 for every home game. I read on Yahoo Sports that the difference is actually only $3 million.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The NFL is worth more than most third world countries. Last year, owners generated $9.5 billion in revenue. They have deals with NBC, CBS and ABC worth $28 billion over the next nine years and $15.2 billion with ESPN through 2021.

Money is not the issue. Apparently, the main issue is the pension. The owners want to switch to a more traditional $401k style of a retirement plan which has more uncertainty built into it for the refs over the long haul.

This much is certain – these replacement refs are in way over their heads and they are ruining the games.

The blown TD call was just one in a series of horrible calls last night.

There was an interception that was overturned due to a non-existent roughing the passer call. There was an interference call that led to a Seahawks first down when it was the Seahawks player that did the interfering. The Patriots-Ravens Sunday night football game had 13 first downs awarded as a result of penalties – the most in NFL history. Vicious blows haven’t been called and so there have been even more of them – just ask Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub who lost part of his ear due to an illegal hit.

Something tells me all these recent games have been fixed. The point spread on last night’s game was Packers, -3. They were winning by 5 which should have been the winning margin, pleasing bettors but displeasing Vegas. Sunday night’s game also had the point spread do a remarkable reversal due to the calls of the replacement refs.

But maybe it’s not Vegas that’s fixing these games. Maybe it’s some under the table deal between the NFL Referees Association and the replacement refs. Put simply, the deal is for the replacement refs to make absolutely horrendous calls each game and by week three, the fans will reach a boiling point and demand that a resolution be reached. Do your part, and we’ll find you a job later on for the horrible work you’ve done.

Smart move.

Mr. Goodell, on behalf of your uber-wealthy owners, get this thing fixed before Thursday night’s kick-off.

This farce must end.