2016 and beyond for BloodLines Creative and BloodLines Art

So on this last day of 2016, I take a few moments to look back on the year and try to project what lies ahead for 2017.

Business wise, it was a good year. Not a great year. But a good year. I worked with a variety of new clients, lost an established one and still maintain ties with a long-time relationship which is very rewarding.

Though not a paying ciient, the invite that I created for our SLUH 40th Year Reunion was great fun and so was the Reunion weekend.

Though not a paying ciient, the invite that I created for our SLUH 40th Year Reunion was great fun and so was the Reunion weekend.

I created a number of videos, helped re-vamp one client’s website and we’ll soon be launching a new branding effort for another one. I began blogging for one client, worked on some PPC ads and I’m in the midst of working on a new TV and radio campaign as well. (Sorry for not naming client names – I only do that when I have permission and for this particular piece, I’m not even bothering to ask.)

On the art side of things, I was happy with the progress I’ve made as a painter. I created 11 paintings in 2016 – I don’t exactly churn them out, but I do stay at it and I continue to try and improve my brushwork, executing a variety of ideas that come from all places but always seem to circle back to Magritte in one way or another.

This painting was probably my favorite one that I created in 2016. It will be one of more than 30 on display at a solo show coming up in March.

This painting was probably my favorite one that I created in 2016. It will be one of more than 30 on display at a solo show coming up in March.

I began to more actively market my art this year as well. I now have two websites devoted to my art: http://bloodlinesart.com and http://tom-blood.pixels.com

The first site looks nice but has basically been useless due to a lack of promotion on my part. The second site enables you to take your art and have it show up in the form of pillows, tote bags, iPhone covers, coffee mugs, greeting cards and a variety of ways to order prints. That site continues to draw about 25-50 visitors a day and I’m approaching more than 8000 views since I started it back in July. The sales effort though has been somewhat disappointing – I’ve made enough to pay for the site but that’s about it.

Nuts and Bolts - one of my 'stick' paintings looks really cool in the form of a pillow and I've sold a few of them in 2016.

Nuts and Bolts – one of my ‘stick’ paintings looks really cool in the form of a pillow and I’ve sold a few of them in 2016.

There are more than a million works of art on the website. So I’m not overly surprised that my work isn’t selling like gangbusters. I don’t do art for a living. I do it for fun. I do it because I can. And I will continue to try and get better with each painting.

Prospects for 2017 look solid for both BloodLines Creative and BloodLines Art. Currently, I have a number of projects already in the books, some that will be on-going thru the Spring. I’m hoping to have my website fully optimized by the end of January and then I’ll begin more aggressive new business pursuits.

I hope to ramp up my blogging efforts in 2017 and have them be more focused on advertising and art. I dropped off the blogosphere and I’ve lost a lot of regular readers. Hopefully, I can earn them back.

I’m going to be ramping up for my first solo art show since 1994 over the next two months. It’s going to be at 1900 Park – Creative Space and Gallery. It’s both an art gallery and a music venue which will be awesome as I’ll have more than 30 works on display throughout the month of March. Opening night is going to be on Friday, March 3 and feature the music of Tom Blood, Jr.

More on that will be coming.

1900 Park will be the site of my first solo art show since 1994. Opening night will be on Friday, March 3rd.

1900 Park will be the site of my first solo art show since 1994. Opening night will be on Friday, March 3rd.

I have learned in this business that you never know what’s around the corner. You do your best, try your hardest, be honest with the people you work with and have fun in the process and generally, good things will happen. I have been blessed to work with so many gifted individuals through the years. I continue to learn and explore new ways to market – but bottom line, whether you’re doing a website or online ads or developing a trade show booth, you still need big ideas to stand out, get noticed and acted upon.

I’ve still got a lot of those.

Happy New Year and I’ll see you on the other side of 2017.


A special salute to the Stan and Jeff show

The Los Angeles Rams are not the worst team in the NFL – though I imagine that if they played Cleveland home, away or in Stan’s Emirates Stadium in London that the Browns would somehow manage to come out on top – maybe by like a 5-2 score.

Jeff Fisher has the chance to go into the record books as the coach with the most losses in NFL history. With Stan Kroenke's backing, he should easily take the record to new heights (or lows).

Jeff Fisher has the chance to go into the record books as the coach with the most losses in NFL history. With Stan Kroenke’s backing, he should easily take the record to new heights (or lows).

Even though they’re not the worst, they will soon have the coach who has been on the sidelines of more losses than any other coach in the history of the game. That is quite a distinction and certainly worthy of a 2-year contract extension to assure that Jeff Fisher manages to firmly cement his name at the top of the list as the biggest NFL loser of all time.

Stan Kroenke is certainly astute enough to know that when he’s this close to a record, he’s got to go for the gusto and with their band of Merry Pranksters, they should be able to virtually guarantee another two years of ineptitude to really rack up Jeff’s loss total to unapproachable levels.

The Rams are already irrelevant in Los Angeles. They rank in the bottom tier of TV ratings for NFL cities overall. Other NFL games not involving the Rams have drawn more viewers in La-La land than Rams games multiple times this season. The amount of empty seats is more prevalent in L.A. than it was here. Today’s slaughter was witnessed by 53,979 brave souls, most of whom were probably stuck in traffic somewhere by the time the 4th quarter rolled around. That’s almost 40,000 no-shows.

Together, Stan and Jeff share that special Alfred E. Newman ideology of, “What, me worry?”

Why would they? Jeff Fisher is getting about $7 million a year to lead the charge of this pitiful product. Stan is in the midst of constructing a new NFL palace that also will have attached retail and living arrangements and he owns all the land.

He is not someone I would want as a landlord (just ask the hundreds of people on the Waggoner Ranch down in Texas). Once the stadium is built and the area is developed, Stan will be rolling in even more riches – provided of course, that the city of Los Angeles doesn’t demand that the Rams leave and stop shaming their city.

It’s all kind of comical to watch and I know I’m not the only St. Louisan attuned to their failure. Personally, I’m hoping that Stan tears up that two-year deal and instead, signs Jeff to a lifetime contract so that the Rams can continue to go on to 4-12 or 5-11 seasons into infinity.

So congratulations, once again to Jeff Fisher. I’ll be pulling for you to break the record this Thursday night on national TV. The Seahawks should be more than motivated to help you make history.

Greeting cards for sale

Some of my artwork provides unusual visuals for a variety of different kinds of greeting cards.

Some of my artwork provides unusual visuals for a variety of different kinds of greeting cards.

I decided to expand my list of offerings on my pixels website (http://tom-blood.pixels.com) to include greeting cards that have actual messages on the front of them. Will they sell?

Time will tell. Currently, I only have four options from which to choose but there are more in the works. I got the idea of adding captions to the greeting cards when looking at the thousands of choices available on the site – <a href=”http://pixels.com/shop/greeting+cards” style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>greeting cards for sale</a>

There are all kinds of striking images – but very few of them actually had any message on the outside. Those that did didn’t always seem specific to any one topic. <a href=”http://pixels.com/shop/greeting+cards/modern+art” style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>modern art greeting cards for sale</a>

Seeing that I’m a writer, it made sense to add a few captions to some of my paintings that could then create for some very interesting messaging about topics that aren’t always found in the greeting card aisle at your local store.

The featured artwork would make for a great birthday card for anyone entering middle age – that nebulous time frame between youth and old age. (Hence the rocking horse and the rocking chair.)

Here's a little card that a husband or boyfriend can send to their significant other as a means of apologizing.

Here’s a little card that a husband or boyfriend can send to their significant other as a means of apologizing.

The greeting card featured above would be a nice little ice-breaker as a means of apologizing for any potential wrong-doings done on the part of a husband or boyfriend. Would it be enough? No, but at least it could maybe break the ice and being able to personalize your message on the inside might help even more.

Here’s another painting that I have created multiple captions that I’ll soon be posting.

Know someone who lost a job or broke a leg or just had a run of bad luck? Here's a great greeting card you could send.

Know someone who lost a job or broke a leg or just had a run of bad luck? Here’s a great greeting card you could send.

I think if you search for contemporary greeting cards, you won’t find many expressing this particular thought, even if you check the contemporary art greeting card section. (<a href=”http://pixels.com/art/paintings/contemporary” style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>contemporary paintings for sale</a>)

Here’s another card that would be a fun one to give for someone’s retirement …

Here's a fun retirement card that is sure to stand out.

Here’s a fun retirement card that is sure to stand out.

You can order these cards one at a time. They’re blank on the inside and on the site you can either type in your own message or order the card and write it in once it gets sent to you. Turnaround time is generally less than a week and they’re pretty affordable, too. Soon, I’ll have more on my pixels site so consider bookmarking it and coming back to visit from time to time – I always have new art work in the works.

So check them out and who knows – you might find the perfect occasion for sending one.

All in a day’s work – augmented reality, vehicle signage and video script writing

I don’t often post about the work I’ve been doing for BloodLines Creative – which is probably bad for business. Yet I’ve been so busy doing things, including continuing to paint in the evening hours, that I just haven’t found the time – or the energy to tout some of the recent projects I’ve been involved in.

That’s okay because business continues to roll along – never at the volume that I would prefer which would be 40+ billable hours a week – but at the end of each workday, I often wonder where did the time go.

These past few weeks I’ve been working on a new business pitch and part of our proposal involved using augmented reality. In case you’re wondering, Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

In case you’d like to see it in action, here’s a little demo you can view – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaO5tXzj58U

I won’t go into the actual applications that we were proposing but suffice it to say, it has the potential to be pretty cool – if we actually get the business.

I’ve also been involved in creating new vehicle graphics for an electrical contractor we’ve been working with via The Epstein Group. Recently, we got the opportunity to see some of the new graphics put into place on a variety of vehicles in their fleet – vans, bucket trucks, pickups and even a trailer where we wrapped the entire vehicle in graphics.

What’s really exciting is this is part of a comprehensive re-branding effort that will include a new website, print and collateral materials along with new videos.

Speaking of new videos, I’ve written a number of them recently. One for a construction company, another for a new product launch along with a series of internal award videos recognizing the collective efforts of groups or individuals.

No, I’m not naming names or showing the work as some of the projects are confidential in nature or haven’t been approved for public release.

But the work has been both fun and rewarding. And I continue to learn new things and new tactics to utilize in the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing communications.

Regardless of the tactic, they still take smart, strategic thinking in order to stand out, get noticed and acted upon.

Big Ideas Start Here.

BloodLines Creative provides Big Idea Thinking to a wide variety of consumer, B2B and government-related and not-for-profit accounts. The work we do ranges from individual projects to full-scale advertising and marketing communications across all media. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, then resist the ordinary. Give us a call at 314.973.9197 today.

MySLArt.org 33 October Show

Tom Jr. and I in front of my 3 paintings at the My SLArt.org 33 October Show

Tom Jr. and I in front of my 3 paintings at the My SLArt.org 33 October Show

It’s always fun to have your art work on display. So participating in my fourth MySLArt.org show was a treat to be a part of and getting to meet and talk with other artists who are kind of in the same boat I am always makes for an interesting evening.

I was impressed with the variety and quality of the entrants in this month’s show. There’s truly something for everyone at these events and they’re a great outlet for artists who traditionally may not be quite gallery-worthy yet – and for others that certainly are.

I enjoy seeing people walk up to my paintings, looking closely at the details and oftentimes, talking with others about what in the world is going on with what I’m showing.

It’s also fun when people come up to me and say that my work reminds them of Magritte.

That’s probably the ultimate compliment to me. As a painter, I am a novice, still learning, still trying to get better every time I start on a new canvas. Talking to other artists at the event, that’s their quest as well.

The Juror’s Choice award went to Noelle Wagner – and deservedly so. One of her works was featured as the key image for the invite and it was even better seeing it in person. Gorgeous stuff and she got my vote!

Photography by Divine XO Photography

Photography by Divine XO Photography

Hat’s off also to Ulysses Sebastian, who received the Visitor’s Choice award for three compelling photographs that had a lot of people talking. I spoke to Ulysses (who recently changed his name) about his work and about his pursuit of creating photography that made a difference. That’s really what it’s all about – pursuing your passion, putting yourself out there and always trying to get better.

I love to paint and even though the canvasses continue to stack up in our house, that’s okay.

My best paintings are still ahead of me.

So Many Ways To Save at American Eagle Credit Union

These window banners can be seen at a variety of American Eagle locations all over the metro St. Louis area.

These window banners can be seen at a variety of American Eagle locations all over the metro St. Louis area.

The assignment was a simple one – promote American Eagle Credit Union’s wide range of savings plans. Well, actually, that’s not as simple as it sounds because this wasn’t for a print ad or radio commercial or TV spot – it was for window signage at a number of their St. Louis area locations.

We’ve worked on a variety of these assignments before for American Eagle Credit Union and the challenge is always the same – come up with a message that essentially works as an outdoor board. The assignment’s slightly more complicated than that due to the fact that our message actually gets spread out over six different windows (or four very large ones with their main location on Lynch Street). And all of those windows have dividers separating them, making it tough to split words between the windows.

So we looked at all of the Savings account options. But then we also considered the fact that American Eagle helps you save money on auto and home loans – and you can save on credit card rates as well. Naming all of those in our limited space was not an option.

So we boiled it down to one simple statement: So many ways you can save. And we backed that message up by saying, “And so many reasons why” and then let the visuals pay off the copy – a retired couple on a cruise, saving for a new car, saving for college, saving for a new addition to the family – the reasons for needing savings plans are all across the board.

It’s a short, simple message. And it worked so well, we were given the opportunity to make it work in outdoor as well.

fullsizerenderIt’s a strong, simple selling message that is working to help promote American Eagle’s wide range of savings products. We even developed two additional messages for two smaller windows at their Des Peres location that remind members of additional ways that American Eagle helps them save – using icons from their newly re-designed website.

Two smaller windows allowed us to re-enforce American Eagle's savings message utilizing icons from their newly designed website.

Two smaller windows allowed us to re-enforce American Eagle’s savings message utilizing icons from their newly designed website.

So if you’re tired of being just another number at your current bank, consider American Eagle Credit Union. They’re always ready to help.

BloodLInes Creative helps a wide variety of clients with whatever marketing challenges they may be facing with strategic, on-target messaging. What can we do for you?

The confusing case of marketing St. Louis on a global stage

There was an impressive array of speakers at this year's Growing Global event.

There was an impressive array of speakers at this year’s Growing Global event.

I was a guest of Susanne Evens, president of AAA Translation, at the 2016 Growing Global event hosted by World Trade Center St. Louis this past Friday.

It was an impressive gathering that was well represented by many of the St. Louis region’s key economic driving forces. Senator Blunt was on hand, as were Mayor Slay and Steve Stenger, the County Executive. All three gave strong overviews of the tremendous potential of the St. Louis region to become a major player in global economic development.

Some might scoff at that idea, citing the numerous corporations that have left the area and our not so international airport. But what many people don’t realize is what a hub the St. Louis region has become for plant science research and innovation.

Agriculture, technology and innovation are three key areas of growth that currently have outstanding foundations here in the St. Louis metro area. The importance of all three in the not-too-distant future is going to increase as the population of the world continues to expand, combined with climate change and a dwindling water supply that will create demands on the world’s food supply that are hard to even fathom.

A lot of the research and development on these issues is being done right here in St. Louis by institutions like the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Monsanto is another major player in the global market and there are numerous other companies with major ties to agriculture as well. More international companies are being attracted to the market, lured by our Midwestern work ethic, strong school systems and overall quality of life.

Of course, all of that is debatable. The national spotlight certainly hasn’t shined very favorably on this region over the past few years and if you meet someone from out of town, you may find yourself trying to explain that St. Louis is a way better place to live and work than what has been shown via social media.

I have always believed St. Louis is poised to reclaim its spot as the true center of our country – transportation-wise, we should be a hub with railways, airlines, river traffic and highways – but there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m not sure if we’ll ever conquer the City-County divide but if we can pro-actively work as one to promote the region, particularly with a focus on attracting global business and foreign direct investment, there’s some cause for optimism.

Which brings me to the title of this particular blog piece – the confusing case of marketing St. Louis on a global stage. Upon leaving the event, I was totally pumped after hearing all of the speakers talk about the tremendous potential of further growing our ag/tech/innovation global presence.

There was a handout given to everyone called the Metro St. Louis Export Plan. In it, I expected to read more insights into how we’re going to more effectively target this lucrative and vital potential market base. Instead, I read about four strategies that had no mention of the importance of this focus and the topic only garnered a paragraph under Policy suggestions.

I understand the importance of getting companies and institutions throughout the region to get on board with the push to become more of a global player. It just seemed that all the talks we heard were focused on one direction and then this piece ventured off on a whole new tangent, all under the “St. Lou is Global” theme line.

The event also featured a speaker forum that featured key execs from global companies that do business here. The panel consisted of Fernando Merce, president of Nestle Purina Latin America and Caribbean; Antonio Santos, vice president of operations of Biomerieux; Greg Gorman, vice president of business planning and development for Nidec and Derek Bartlem, who leads the KWS Gateway Reserach Center.

All of these gentlemen talked about the importance of how branding for the region needs to be improved and the major strengths of the area need to be better communicated.

My thoughts exactly.

St. Lou is in need of better communications.

We have a tremendous story to tell.

Let’s GrOw St. Louis.





Dealing with a conehead

Luna Mae wearing her protective cone.

Luna Mae wearing her protective cone.

Back on June 24th, we gained an additional member of the family – a rat terrier that we named Luna Mae.

Earlier in March, our dog, Annie, died while we were away on vacation. There was considerable discussion as to whether or not our household needed another dog. Catherine was leaving for college. Michael was beginning his junior year at Mizzou and Tom had officially graduated from SLU.

We were potential empty nesters, free to move about the country.

However, I lobbied hard for a dog. Working from home, I was facing an empty house. In the evening, Chris is often attending some sort of meeting as her volunteer time for groups and organizations considerably outdoes mine.

Catherine and I searched a variety of rescue websites, in search of a new puppy but the timing didn’t seem to be working in our favor. We were gone for two weeks in early June and immediately upon our return, I was set to attend a trade show in Las Vegas.

That’s when I decided to investigate rat terriers. Annie was an awesome dog and the rat terrier breed is a high energy, quirky but totally lovable breed. I discovered a breeder in Lebanon, Missouri that had a new litter of pups on their website. One of the pups was named Hannah, and seeing that Catherine’s middle name is Hanna, which is Chris’ mom’s maiden name, it seemed like a sign.

We inquired about Hannah and were told she was available and that they could hold her an extra week so that we could get her upon my return from Vegas.

Even though it seemed like a sign that the pup was named Hannah, we didn’t want to stick with that name so Catherine came up with Luna which had that ‘nah’ sound to it so as not to confuse our new pup too much when we shifted her name. We made it Luna Mae to give it a bit of a country sound, reflecting her mid-Missouri roots.

Luna Mae joined our household on June 24th as a 9-week old pup.

Luna Mae joined our household on June 24th as a 9-week old pup.

Luna Mae has been with us now for about 2-1/2 months. Sometimes, we call her Lunatic. Other times, we think about what an act of lunacy it was to get this puppy who takes up so much of our time and is quite adept at chewing up shoes, chair legs and other assorted items while having a fascination with eating live worms and bugs whenever possible.

On Thursday, Luna was spayed, so currently, she is sporting a plastic cone wrapped around her head which she has been working hard to figure out how to destroy it.

Our vet told us it was important to not let Luna get too active. After just a day-and-a-half of sporting her conehead, we have found that to be a challenge.

So this Labor Day weekend, I’m laying low with Luna, trying to make sure she doesn’t rip her stitches open from her operation while escorting her on a leash in our backyard encouraging her to do her business and we’re both enjoying this idyllic weather.

She (and us) will be dealing with the cone for about ten more days. Then it’ll be back to the on-going adventure of raising the pup.

Though Luna Mae is proving to be a major commitment, there’s no doubt, she’s a keeper.

This weekend, our labor of love is a little 11-pound pup with her head wrapped in a plastic cone. Long may she live!


Close Encounters of the Pokemon Kind

Pokemon Go gets people out and about - but only paying attention to their phone.

Pokemon Go gets people out and about – but only paying attention to their phone.


The workout facility where I usually get my calorie burns is closed for a few days this week. So I set out for a little 5-mile walk in nearby Des Peres Park, only to be engulfed by a multitude of Pokemon GO players trying to find whatever Pokemon character that had been geo-located into the park that day.

It was a very bizarre experience.

I’ve heard about the popularity of Pokemon GO but I never really experienced it before yesterday. I went to http://www.pokemongo.com to get a little overview and I watched the video on their home page. It’s actually a pretty cool idea – using the interactivity of your phone as a geo-tracking gaming device to find Pokemon characters not just in your area, but all over the world.


The reality was a bit different.

As I tried to stroll through the park, there were literally hundreds of people – mostly teens in clusters of three or four walking all around, all staring at their phones as they moved about.

Upon arrival, I immediately knew that Pokemon GO had lured them to the park. It’s what you call a Poke Stop. That’s not a bad thing. But most of them had their heads down as they were walking. You had to avoid them – they were oblivious to your presence as they searched the park for Pokemon characters in their habitat.

I saw a few people on bikes, riding and looking at their phones at the same time – a certain recipe for disaster. I had to step out of their way as they went by. There were a few others on skateboards, heads down, searching their maps, looking for where they might be able to throw a Poke Ball and up their level.

It wasn’t all teens, either, who were transfixed by their phones. Lots of adults were in on the hunt as well. I saw a mom, pushing a stroller with two babies in it. Her concentration was entirely focused on the phone.

You can’t really complain about a game that gets you out and about, off of the couch and out of the house. It also gets you to explore and maybe go places you haven’t gone before.

It’s just when you have hundreds of people doing the exact same thing and their entire focus is the phone, it makes you wonder.

Mark Twain had a quote, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

Put Pokemon GO in place of golf and that pretty much sums up my feelings.

How about you?

A big pillow fight on Pixels.com

Something's Wrong with America throw pillow

Something’s Wrong with America throw pillow

The last few weeks I’ve been totally occupied with trying to launch a BloodLinesArt product line on http://www.tom-blood.pixels.com where you can see a range of my paintings that are now also for sale on a wide variety of items – greeting cards, tote bags, iphone cases and throw pillows, just to name a few.

For some reason, I love seeing my art on throw pillows and that has caught a lot of my attention.

I’ve had this website for not quite four weeks. In that time, I have amassed more than 1500 views of my artwork and yes, I’ve also had a few sales. But like anything, you’ve got to do your homework if you want to succeed and I have a lot more homework in front of me.

Last night, I discovered that I had been vastly underusing the key words that you use to describe each painting. You’re allowed up to 500 characters and with the majority of works that I have on the site I was using about 30. So I dug a little deeper and saw that I should be using descriptors like surrealism throw pillows for entries like these two …

One of two throw pillows that would look awesome on a couch! This one is called 'Night'.

One of two throw pillows that would look awesome on a couch! This one is called ‘Night’.

This one is called ‘Day’. Imagine having these two side-by-side on your couch.

A little more homework told me that this is a very crowded market. And you’ve got to do everything possible in order for your work to be seen. There are literally millions of items for sale. For example, I would love to sell more of my paintings – I have quite a backlog of them – but I’d be just as happy selling items that have my paintings on them. So you’ve got to resort to certain tactics. Here’s one: a link to the surrealist art painting page: <a href=”http://pixels.com/art/paintings/surrealism” style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>surrealism paintings for sale</a>

Copy and paste that link into your browser and it will take you to that section. It will also put a few of my samples in the third row!

But what about selling more throw pillows with some of my surrealist paintings on them? Copy the ‘http: through surrealism’ link into your browser and it will help! <a href=”http://pixels.com/shop/throw+pillows/paintings/surrealism” style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>surrealism paintings throw pillows for sale</a>

I have a wide range of work. Some of it is kind of experimental. You might call it modern art. Others might call it abstract. I just know that this is a really cool looking pillow.

Nuts and Bolts - one of my 'stick' paintings looks really cool in the form of a pillow!

Nuts and Bolts – one of my ‘stick’ paintings looks really cool in the form of a pillow!

But to get it seen by anyone, it needs a little help: http://pixels.com/shop/throw+pillows/paintings/abstract

I like this one a lot, too. It just so happens that there is a link to Jackson Pollack throw pillows that might get it seen by more people looking for such a thing: http://fineartamerica.com/shop/throw+pillows/paintings/jackson+pollack



Bottom line, I’m fighting for attention. I have a long way to go. And a lot more homework to do. I would love to see sales of some of my art take off – it’s possible.

Problem is, you spend more time trying to market what you’ve done than you do working on whatever’s next. We’ll see what happens.

For now, can I interest you in a throw pillow?