My award-winning blog

Last week I found out that the very blog you’re reading right now is a finalist in this year’s St. Louis Business Marketing Association’s TAM Awards (Targeted Advertising/Marketing).

It was entered in the digital category under blogs. Entry requirements said the blog didn’t necessarily have to be business-related and I thought this one certainly qualified for that.

So it’s a finalist. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 25 in the Starlight Room at the Chase Park Plaza.

Considering the fact that I just became a blogger this past November, I’m rather pleased that it’s being recognized. The overall look of the page is nicely designed and for that, I thank Ed Madden and Barry Lee at E-merge Interactive. It also ties very nicely into the overall look of my website, also designed by the good folks at E-merge Interactive.

Regular readers of the blog know that very seldom are there links to other sites or embedded videos and most times, there aren’t any pictures, either. It’s just a bunch of words.

A few weeks ago, I passed 10,000 views overall. Somehow, someway, in the past nine months or so, 10,000 people were kind enough to click on the link via Facebook or twitter or Stumbled Upon or Digg and read what I’ve had to say. A very select group actually get my blog delivered via email every time I post. I thank each and every one of you for that.

I hope that from time to time, I can make you think or smile or write about something that you can identify with (like ending your sentences with a preposition).

I certainly don’t write this blog to win awards. I write it because I love to write.

And sometimes, I actually have a thought or two worth reading.

This may not be one of those occasions.

But thanks for reading anyway!

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  1. Congrats, Tom. I am late catching up on Facebook. So happy to hear you are being recognized for your work. You deserve it!

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