Where have I gone?

For someone who had built up a fairly decent following with this blog, one has to wonder, why did I stop?

My last post was January 18.

“Bumstead, you’re fired!”

I know the world isn’t waiting for my next blog post.

Thought leadership? I haven’t been sharing much recently, even when I do get around to posting.

The fact of the matter is, I simply haven’t devoted the time that this blog deserves. I do have my excuses – between moving to a new house, getting the old one ready to go on the market, handling an influx of new business while tending to existing clients, trying to keep up my painting and the marketing of those paintings – I simply haven’t had the burning desire to crank out a blog post that might be read by maybe 100 people.

My apologies to you 100 people who have faithfully read many of the trials and tribulations that I’ve written since beginning this diatribe about seven years ago.

It’s not that I’ve stopped blogging. This past month, I’ve written five different blog entries – just none of them have been for myself.

And no, I’m not throwing in the towel on this blog.

In the past, I have vowed to blog more often. I’m not vowing that now.

I’m just vowing that there will be more. Hopefully, it won’t be another month or so until I pick up where this one leaves off.