Get a room, Volkswagen!

Life's as big as you make it.

Life’s as big as you make it.

Volkswagen has a new commercial that I have already seen about 10 times and though I’m a fan of Dean Martin, I’m not a fan of this commercial.

Set to Dean’s rendition of “The Birds and the Bees” this spot was probably considered ‘cute’ and a throwback to VW’s days as a bit of a rebel.

Back in the hippie days, a couple going at it in a VW bug may have made sense. But with this timeline, it doesn’t really go back more than 8 years or so and the couple portrayed don’t exactly seem like they’re counter-culture. Dad just seems to have a weird thing about procreating in very tight spaces – rockin’ away in the VW bug at first resulting in a trip to the dealership for a larger VW. The process repeats itself and the happy, growing family continue to have mom and dad go at in the confines of their car. It concludes with another VW rocking away – presumably VWs are very fertile places – only it shows the entire happy family inside the vehicle causing enough of a commotion that they’re causing the car to sway back and forth on its apparently not very sturdy frame.

The commercial ends with the statement, “Life’s as big as you make it. Introducing the all new 7-seater Volkswagen Atlas.” Oh, I get it.

This commercial is trying too hard. Personally, I find it kind of obnoxious, too. In-between all of the Viagra and Cialis commercials, I now get this couple that loves to breed in a bug.

I’m not sure what the key selling points of the Volkswagen Atlas actually are. There are all kinds of vehicles that can seat 7 or more so that isn’t much of a sales pitch.

To me, Volkswagen simply isn’t getting enough bang for their buck.

And I certainly would never want to ride in the back seat of their vehicle.

3 thoughts on “Get a room, Volkswagen!

  1. The first time I saw the ad, it was during an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” so I initially thought it was a spoof ad that was part of the show. I think the ad is somewhat humorous, but I also think there are more effective ways VW could have conveyed the same message.

    ln fact, the spot might be better positioned (no pun intended) as a PSA for safe sex.

  2. Aside from the forced “cuteness” of the commercial, this is a dangerous, ineffective approach to introduce a brand new vehicle to the SUV-buying public. The 7-seat Atlas is a make-or-break deal for VW in the US. It takes the brand into very crowded territory. I’m not sure this commercial gives me enough reason to choose the Atlas over the many established competitors VW is up against. I guess we’ll see.

  3. come on your showing your age. dont be to literal..its a branding ad…sell benfits not features…who cares about the details..its cute and make VW..”fun and cool”

    My wife is the most conservative person I know, 63 years old…she loves it…and the consumer is not an idiot…she is my wife.

    I like your web site a lot…but if you had to explain in one sentence, what is your value propostion…what would it be…?

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