Okay, Stan, you win

(Photo by Chris Lee, clee@post-dispatch.com)

(Photo by Chris Lee, clee@post-dispatch.com)

As a long-time St. Louis Rams season ticket holder, I have seen a lot of lows over the past decade. Dropped passes. Offsides after offsides. Interceptions, fumbles, missed tackles, games that were over before half time – the list goes on and on.

The futility never seems to end. Our draft picks, as a rule, are generally a bust. Free agency signings have been awful. Trades go south. Players get concussions and stay in to give away games. Other players get concussions, get sent back in and then get removed again, concussed by their own teammates.

St. Louis is guaranteed, once again, that we will not have a winning football season.

It’s all a broken record. It’s David Byrne, singing, “Same as it ever was” over and over and over.

This weekend, walking in to the fabulous Edward Jones Dome, it felt more like we were on our way to a funeral than an NFL game. And in a way we were.

The Rams days here in St. Louis are numbered. Coach Fisher says if you think the players have given up, “you can kiss my ass”.

Bottoms up, Jeff. They’ve given up.

Firing your offensive coordinator is only going to lead to more penalties, more botched plays, more offsides.

It’s all playing out exactly how Rams owner Stan Kroenke hoped it would.

Hire a lifetime under .500 coach. Stop all communication with the city and refuse to speak to any reporters. Make the fan base loathe you.

Congrats. You win.

We loathe you.

We’re tired of watching this sad sack of a team.

When they put up the “Make some noise” message on that pathetic scoreboard that has to be among the worst in the NFL, it’s all a joke. There is no reason to make any noise.

I was bummed when we went for it on 4th and 2 from the whatever yard line we were on in the 4th quarter. I knew there was no way the Rams would get a first down. I wanted to cheer another 3 points, watching the team double its output for the day.

They failed.

It’s all so unfair.

Stan Kroenke should be docked pay. He should be penalized for mismanagement. Instead, he’s going to make out like a bandit, earning millions upon millions when he moves this sorry franchise back to Los Angeles. And we’re going to be stuck with a dome, trying to book tractor pulls and indoor rodeos while we wait for spring training to roll around.

Stan wins. We lose.

And I’ll say it again. It’s just not fair.

Rams fans opting out before season begins

Don't worry, be happy.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Well, Stan, I guess your wish is coming true.

Your high-powered St. Louis Rams football team is now 0-3 on the pre-season and the big St. Louis debut of Nick Foles and company packed in a whopping 37,000 fans into the Ed who apparently had nothing else to do on a Saturday night in St. Louis since the Redbirds were on the coast.

We’re season ticket holders but we opted out, choosing instead to go out to dinner with friends and when I checked the score right around dessert time, I knew we had made the right decision.

I’m sure Jeff Fisher will say there’s nothing to worry about. And from Jeff’s point-of-view, he’s probably right – Stan’s going to pay him anyway whether they go 2-14 or somehow manage to shock the world and finish maybe 9-7, posting the Rams first winning record since 2003.

“Well, we’ve got a few penalties to clean up and need to stick to our routes a little better,” or something along those lines will be stated by Jeff. “We can fix that.” Then they’ll get ready for the big Governor’s Cup Showdown this Thursday night against the Chiefs. And drop the ball … again.

Nick Foles did manage to go 10 of 11 which is excellent but it amounted to a whopping 123 yards and led to one touchdown. Go crazy, folks, go crazy.

I’m sure this Thursday evening, downtown St. Louis will be buzzing with excitement, tailgaters everywhere, spilling over into Laclede’s Landing and lining the streets of Washington Avenue with Rams and Chiefs fans both before and after the game.

Uh, no.

And since the Cardinals have an off day on Thursday night, the echoes you hear as you scream out loud, “Stan, what have you done?” will bounce off the walls of an empty downtown.

It’s going to be a very long season.

I’m not quite ready to go the route of wearing a sack over my head – that’s too much effort. But I am expecting a partially-filled Edward Jones Dome that will only grow worse as the season rolls on as the Rams stumble and bumble and fumble their way to L.A.

And as attendance dwindles and the season fizzles, the NFL will come out and say that the fans of St. Louis just don’t know how to support a professional football team.

If only we had one.


Is advanced hype taking the air out of Super Bowl commercials?

A recent poll said that 89% of people don’t like seeing Super Bowl commercials in advance.

I have no idea of the validity of this poll but I do agree with it. There’s something special about seeing a commercial for the first time on the Super Bowl. You look forward to each commercial break and if you’ve already seen the commercial before, there’s a little bit of a letdown. It’s even worse than throwing an under-inflated football.

Advertisers are trying to get a grip with the whole pre-release notion. Some are smart – and only dole out online teasers.

I’m already looking forward to seeing what Snickers is going to do in this year’s game. They have an online teaser telling us about a very special episode of “The Brady Bunch” – and no, it doesn’t appear to be about Tom Brady and his under-inflated balls, but rather, some very weird spin-off of the old Brady Bunch TV show. My appetite has been whetted.

Anheuser-Busch tries to play both sides of the, “give them something to see, but don’t give them your best shot”. They have a “Lost Puppy Dog” commercial that’s supposed to be this year’s tear-jerker – I assume the Clydesdales somehow help save the day but we won’t know how until next Sunday evening.

They’ve already released a 60-second spot that will be airing on the big game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9A1NowrnGI) involving their on-going up for whatever happens next campaign. In this one, a guy gets to be a live contestant in a giant Pac Man game. The whole thing seemed kind of stupid to me but it was very watchable.

Carl’s Jr (Hardee’s in our area) is out with another sex-driven, loaded with innuendo spot featuring Charlotte McKinney who seemingly appears ‘all natural’ throughout the commercial, and in the end, takes a bite out of an ‘all natural’ burger. It will be hated by women everywhere and probably loved by the 18-34 male target audience that they are trying to reach. Since I’m no longer in that target age, I refuse to comment (though I did watch the commercial three times to make sure I got all my facts correct).

Dove has already released their Super Bowl commercial (http://www.superbowl-commercials.org/34893.html). It’s a tribute to dads and yes, I liked it quite a bit – though I don’t think I’ll be buying their line of skin care products any time soon.

We’ll be seeing a number of movie trailers, too. Star Wars will be there. And a new trailer for Jurassic World, directed by Steven Speilberg looks like it will be a fun one to watch.

There will be plenty of duds – plenty of commercials trying to be outrageous with virtually no product tie-in whatsoever. They will all quickly fade into oblivion, $4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds washed right down the toilet, bathroom breaks or not.

Victoria’s Secret has their super models playing football. Sorry, I’d rather see them parade around in their angel costumes then suit up and simulate toughness on the gridiron.

Car commercials always have a tough time making a real impact. Toyota featues paralympian, Amy Purdy, skiing, dancing and doing remarkable feats with her bladerunner feet and somehow, that’s linked to buying a Toyota. I liked the spot enough to write about it but I won’t be in any Toyota showrooms any time soon.

But that’s enough of a tease.

If I revealed everything I’ve seen, it would just be deflating when you see it next Sunday night.

I’m sure that every football will be fully pumped for this game.

Hopefully, you will be, too, whenever the commercials come on to give us a break.


4th and long and St. Louis will probably punt

The two-man team of David Peacock and Robert Blitz, appointed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, unveiled the new St. Louis NFL stadium proposal yesterday in an effort to keep the Rams or potentially lure some other NFL team to the banks of the Mississippi.

Good luck with that.

Silent Stan has already technically checked out and wants to take the Rams back to LA. First he bought 60 acres of land in Inglewood, California, big enough to hold a stadium and the accompanying parking lots that would be needed as the Rams would seek to re-build their LA presence.

On Monday, plans were unveiled for the City of Champions Revitalization Project backed by The Kroenke Group and the real estate investment management firm, Stockbridge Capital Group. In addition to the new stadium, the project includes a 300-room hotel, a 6,000-seat performance venue and a proposed 1.5 million square feet of retail and office development.

Their renderings of the new site looked way better than our renderings.

And for now, that’s all both of these proposals are – renderings.

Still, it seems there is a lot more substance behind Silent Stan’s plans. After all, he is the team owner who has shown no allegiance whatsoever to St. Louis and now wants to go to greener pastures where he can make even more money.

Enos Stanley Kroenke (his full name), was named after two Hall of Fame Cardinals players (Enos “Country” Slaughter and Stan Musial). He probably grew up hating being called Enos (rhymes with ___). Even though he went to Mizzou and maintains a home on 84 acres of land in Columbia, Missouri, it’s just one of his seven different abodes.

Many people don’t know that Enos is the 8th largest private landowner in the U.S., including a modest 124,00-acre ranch in Augusta, Montana; a Pacific Coast Highway beach house in Malibu where Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s companion once lived, along with numerous residences in the state of Colorado where Enos owns the Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Rapids soccer team.

Enos wasn’t present at the Peacock press conference and why would he be?

David said that the newly proposed riverfront stadium was far from being too little, too late.

The proposed 64,000-seat stadium with an additional 7,500 luxury boxes tacked on would cost somewhere between $860-$985 million. The Rams and the NFL would cover half the cost, the remaining funds would come through tax credits and other public financing along with seat licensing fees. According to Mr. Peacock, no new taxes or bonds would be needed to pay for this new open air stadium.

Still, the money will have to come from somewhere and those in the St. Louis region are probably quite dubious of the funding. Many will come out and say that we should take all the money that would be spent to try and keep an NFL team and instead spend it on our schools or re-building something – anything – just no more money tossed at keeping an NFL franchise.

I am on the fence on this one.

We’ve been Rams season ticket holders since the second year they arrived. We paid for our PSL and I’d love to hear if we’d get any kind of a deal in transferring it over to the new stadium.

On the bigger picture, I believe St. Louis needs an NFL team. I believe we need to continue to re-vitalize our downtown and the prospect of having a stadium that could be home to the Rams as well as an MLS franchise, built in an area that is currently doing absolutely nothing for the economic future of St. Louis is enticing.

But I am just one person.

St. Louis has long had a NIMBY attitude – Not In My Back Yard. By and large, this is not a very forward-thinking community. We are resistant to change. We are way too content with the status quo. And all the little kingdoms that make up the St. Louis region have made it very difficult to move forward as a community. There is a huge disparity between the haves and have-nots. Corporations are not moving into this area. They are moving out.

St. Louis is a city on the brink. Over the past year, our national reputation has taken a beating and the media have added fuel to that fire.

Enos knows all of this.

He knows that when it comes time to buck up, St. Louis will probably punt.




Rams win?

I was all prepared to blast the St. Louis Rams this evening.

I was ready to talk about how the Edward Jones Dome had more Denver fans than Rams supporters and how their orange jerseys clashed against all the ugly empty purple seats.

I was fully expecting to see the legendary Peyton Manning blitz the Rams for maybe four or five TDs and I was confident we’d still have plenty of the afternoon left once we departed with the Rams down by 21 mid-way through the 3rd quarter.

Well, there was no 3rd quarter exit and I won’t be blasting the Rams for today’s performance (but there still were more Denver fans in the Dome than Rams fans which is really sad).

The Rams played a great game of football today. There were no stupid penalties. They made several key third down conversions. They had a few big plays with some dazzling catches and some bone-crunching hits. They managed to get two key interceptions off of Peyton who seemed off his game and far from legendary today. And Greg the Leg was perfect with his attempts.

It was stunning. Perplexing. And it made you wish that we could have won at least two of those earlier games where we had the lead in the fourth quarter and then gave it away.

We’ve been co-season ticket holders since the Rams second year. We’ve seen way more bad football than good and when you actually see a good game, it reminds you how much more fun the games are when you actually leave the premises having seen a victory instead of another bitter defeat.

Maybe there is hope for this team. Maybe they could actually win back-to-back games and come home with a chance to get to .500 against a bad Oakland team.

Maybe it they can manage to win next week in San Diego, when they return, the Dome will be filled with way more Rams fans than Raiders fanatics (Oakland is a long way to travel to watch a bad football team and the Raiders are actually considerably worse than the Rams).

Maybe the Rams will go on a tear, win out the rest of the games this season to finish at 10-6 and the Dome will once again be filled, even those top-ier seats in the end zones that have been empty all season long. And Stan will share in the love by signing a long-term deal that will keep the Rams here in St. Louis yet still make him more than enough money to keep even a billionaire happy.

Well, probably not.

But for now, I’ll live in the present, enjoying a weekend where the Tigers won a big game that keeps them in the SEC race, the Mizzou basketball program won at least one game under new head coach Kim Anderson, the Billikids notched their first W of the year and the Rams pulled the upset of the day by knocking off the mighty Broncos.


Yep, that’s why they play the games.

The beginning of the end

We went to the mighty St. Louis Rams season opener yesterday. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and we enjoyed some pre-game festivities, walking around Rams plaza (or whatever it’s called) before the game. Bands playing, people tailgating, a mix of Vikings fans and Rams fans – all decked out in their respective jerseys. I saw a lot of Bradford jerseys and a few Michael Sam jerseys, too. Collector’s items.

Truth be told, in another year or so, all St. Louis Rams gear may be collector’s  items.

Yesterday was the start of the season. As we entered the dark confines of the dome, there was actually a noticeable buzz in the crowd. The on-screen graphics on that big, narrow screen were pretty well done. They got rid of the Led Zeppelin intro music. The National Anthem was well-performed and by the time they got around to the opening kick-off, it almost felt like old times – back when the Rams used to have winning seasons. That was more than a decade ago.

Then the game started and nothing happened. The Rams would complete a pass, then have a penalty. Run for a 1-yard gain, then have a penalty. The defense wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t really very good, either, and you just kept waiting for AP to break one or have some long bomb unleashed by the legendary Matt Cassel.

Still, they were only losing 6-0 when they got the ball back with a few minutes to spare before halftime. Maybe they could somehow get to the Viking 40-yard line and Greg the Leg could cut the margin in half. But no, there was a poorly thrown pass that should have never been thrown in the first place. Interception. Moments later, touchdown Vikings.

You could literally feel all the air go out of the dome. The Rams were deflated. Again. The second half was going to be a joke.

And it was.

I don’t even know how much of the game was left when we decided to get out of that dank, dismal dome and go take in some September sunshine.

When Jeff Fisher was hired, people were looking to him as some sort of savior. I looked at him as a football coach who had a career winning percentage that was barely above or below .500 (I can’t remember which it was but it’s well below .500 now).

Stan Kroenke has a lot of toys. In addition to the lowly Rams, he owns the Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets, the Pepsi Center where they both play, Arsenal Football Club which is one of the most valued sports franchises on the planet, the largest working ranch in Canada, 540,00 acres in Wyoming, a home in Colorado, another in Malibu and another one in Columbia, MO. He’s #92 on Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America and his wife occupies the spot immediately above him.

I’m sure that Stan is seeing how the Rams just aren’t faring too well here in St. Louis and he’s probably ready to pull the plug on his toy and move the team to LA or London.

So many people would like to say good riddance.

I’m not one of them.

I’m a person that believes having an NFL team in our city helps legitimize us in the eyes of the rest of the nation – but only to a degree. If we were to have two football franchises up and move, I don’t think we’ll ever see another one.

The bigger picture is this: if the Rams leave, it’s another sign to get out of Dodge to corporations. It’s another reason to not move here because unlike other major cities, we don’t have an NFL franchise. It’s another sign that we’re heading more in the direction of Des Moines or Topeka (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those places). We’re on a downward spiral, not an upward swing.

Despite what the national news media may tell you, there are great things going on in this city and this region. And yes, there are a multitude of problems that need fixing here as well – and whether or not we have an NFL football team really doesn’t even enter into the equation for many of those problems. I know that.

I also can see that the end is coming.

The Rams seem destined for mediocrity or worse this year. Sam has thrown his last pass as a Ram. Attendance will plummet. And before we know it, the moving vans will once again be packing up our team.

Can it be stopped?

Only Stan knows. And Stan is not telling.

Get ready for some monster tractor pulls, coming soon to a dank, dark dome near you.


The curious case of DGB

Dorial Green-Beckham’s football career at the University of Missouri-Columbia came to an end this week as head coach Gary Pinkel severed ties with the former number one recruit in the nation.

When any college player is garnering more headlines for off-the-field antics versus on-the-field-heroics, something needs to be done.

The first time DGB got busted for smoking weed in the parking lot of Mizzou’s football stadium it was like, “Really? In the parking lot of the stadium?”

It seemed blatantly stupid.

His second arrest where he just so happened to be in the car with one of his buddies who just so happened to have a pound of smoke in the car it was like, “Okay. This guy is bad news and needs to be protected from his ‘friends’.”

He was never actually charged for anything, he was just an innocent bystander. But like they say, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

So last week we all heard that DGB had been indefinitely suspended by Coach Pinkel though the reasons why were not given at the time. Then came the news of his alleged breaking down the door to track down his girlfriend and pushing his girlfriend’s roommate down four steps at 2 in the morning. No charges were filed as the girlfriend’s friend declined to press charges.

But the police report that was filed was less than complimentary.

Coach Pinkel really didn’t have much of a choice. Because this recent news came on top of MU basketball player Zach Price who was dismissed earlier in the week by Coach Haith for ramming his car into his fellow teammates vehicle. Price had the distinction of being arrested twice in one day – and that was on top of the recent report about how the University mishandled the alleged sexual assault of swimmer Sasha Menu Courey.

Bad news comes in threes, right?

I’m sure Mizzou is hoping that’s an end to all of the off-the-field and off-the-court shenanigans.

So what will happen to DGB?

He’s not eligible for the 2014 NFL draft and won’t qualify for the supplemental draft, either. I don’t know if when you’re kicked off a team if you’re eligible to play the next season for whoever is willing to roll the dice – it doesn’t seem fair if that’s the case but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. There are many colleges and universities that I’m sure would be more than willing to forgive and forget Dorial’s problems. After all, he wasn’t charged with anything this time or the last time and even the first time was just a misdemeanor.

If he wanted to, Dorial could bow out of the college scene for the year, work out with a bevy of personal trainers and prepare himself for the 2015 NFL draft where, even if he didn’t play a single down next year, he would probably still have a chance to be a first or second round pick if he performed well in the NFL camps.

And I imagine he would perform quite well – and missing the wear and tear of a season might not be such a bad thing, anyway.

I remember Bryan Burwell talking about DGB back when incident number two occurred and he was saying he needs to get far, far away from his current group of ‘friends’. Apparently, he has a few issues with himself as well and according to reports, he’s going to seek counseling to get things right.

I hope he does.

He’s a gifted athlete.

In this day and age, we’ve come to accept people who have been acquitted of murder to continue making vicious tackles. We agree it’s okay for steroid abusing ballplayers to be awarded multi-million dollar contracts. DGB has seen all of that. He has expressed his public sympathy and admitted his wrong-doing. And I’m sure he’s now looking at what’s next.

Someone will pay for his services. Some college will welcome him with open arms.

He will thrive and probably end up being some Fathead poster hanging on the walls of tons of adoring fans.

I congratulate Coach Pinkel on doing the right thing. But Dorial will move on and re-surface somewhere.

I’m curious to see what happens next.


My top 5 2014 Super Bowl commercials

This post is long past due.

Some agencies are already busy working on next year’s Super Bowl commercial. I hope they do a better job than this past one which wasn’t exactly memorable – for the game or the game breaks.

There were no commercials that people are still talking about two Mondays later. There was no, “See why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”

Blame it on social media. There’s simply way too much hype, too much that’s revealed before the game ever starts. Too many teasers, too many reviews after the fact (like this).

The bar is set so high for Super Bowl commercials that it has become harder and harder to deliver a message that cuts through, gets noticed and actually does something for the brand.

That being said, here are my five favorite spots that I can still remember even though the game is now a distant memory.

1. Bud Light – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ8DBddW270#t=12 “Up For Whatever” – Bud Light used to have great commercials. Then they started going in all kinds of directions. I like the premise of this series of spots and I was involved in the story. And who can resist Arnold, in a wig, playing ping pong? Keep it going Bud Light.

2. Radio Shack – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbTVOEVy6p4 “The Phone Call” – I have no idea if this commercial will do a thing for Radio Shack. I haven’t been in one since the 1980s and I have no intention of visiting any time soon. But I loved watching this commercial and hope they will run it again before they go completely out of business – because I really enjoyed this Blast from my Past. I heard last week they were shutting down 400 Radio Shacks across the country as part of their re-branding overhaul. Good luck with that Radio Shack. The word Radio isn’t exactly state-of-the-art and “Shack?” Like I said, “Good luck”.

3. Chevy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vhMpXMPvdU “Life” – I love it when commercials tell stories – and when they’re unexpected. I knew this was going to be some emotional message – but I couldn’t quite tell where it was going. It’s a simple, beautiful spot and I love the end message that Chevy delivers of “celebrating cancer survivors on the road to recovery”. No hard sell, just heart-warming – and that’s not a bad thing. Good job, Chevy.

4. Coca Cola https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=443Vy3I0gJs “America is Beautiful” – This commercial is beautiful. I’ve watched it several times and I am not in the least offended that they took America the Beautiful and used it for their own purpose. That’s commercialism at its finest! Nor am I offended that they took the song and put it into multiple languages. What’s wrong with that? America is beautiful because it’s so diverse and so is this commercial.

5. Microsoft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaOvHKG0Tio “Empowering” Microsoft gets my best of show. I saw this commercial and instantly wanted to see it again, hooked immediately by the voiceover – provided by technology. Technology really does have the power to unite us. It gives hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless. Technology is empowering us all. I’m sure there are many people that would disagree with some of these statements but they backed those declarations up with real life examples. Technology has changed – and will continue to change – this world. I know Microsoft has a lot to do with that – how I don’t know but overall, I’m buying into this Microsoft message.

Well, that’s it for my late reviews of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Hopefully, next year we get a better game and a better crop of commercials between the game.

In the meantime, stay on the lookout for big ideas. You never know where they might surface.



What’s the plan, Stan?

The media-shy, billionaire owner of the Rams is playing poker with the city of St. Louis and he now holds a pretty good trump card.

As usual, he refuses to give any insight as to his future plans for the as of now, St. Louis Rams.

It seems like this has been going on for years – and it has.

I think I first heard about the top-tier clause in the Dome lease agreement as early as 2008 though it’s been present from the time the Rams and the leasing parties signed the deal, all but assuring that this thing would boil to a head when the lease finally expired in 2014, granting the Rams a free pass to go to whatever market willing to take on the privilege of calling itself an NFL city.

Take a look at the list of major metropolitan markets (for St. Louis’ sake, you can’t measure this area by city size due to our city-county split) and there is only one market out of the top 20 without an NFL franchise.

That would be Los Angeles.

Stan just bought 60 acres there, which is more than enough room to put in a new stadium but not quite enough room to build an NFL kingdom. Still it’s enough to get everyone’s attention.

St. Louis is number 19 on the largest metropolitan area list that I googled, though they called our metro area St. Louis-St. Charles-Farmington and I don’t quite consider Farmington to be in our immediate metro area. Still, somebody does and from that population mix we roll in at more than 2.8 million people.

The majority could probably care less whether or not we’re an NFL city. They don’t want their tax dollars being allocated to helping Stan make even more money than he already has, caving in to the demands to build a top-tier stadium somewhere between St. Charles, St. Louis and downtown Farmington.

The whole process angers me. If Stan decides to play that trump card and move his franchise elsewhere when the lease comes up, we’re stuck with a dome that would be used about 10-15 times a year. And if he does decide to stay, we have to somehow dump about $700 million into making it better which seems preposterous – or build a brand new stadium somewhere, again, leaving the dome a place that is used about 10-15 times a year.

It seems like a lose-lose situation for St. Louis no matter how you look at it.

One would hope that Stan Kroenke might decide to be a civic hero and have a community forever indebted to him by dropping a billion or so into the franchise to make those improvements to the stadium on his own or buying a parcel of land and then building a new state-of-the-art Kroenke-Dome that would make Jerry Jones jealous.

But that’s not going to happen.

Stan has four professional sports franchises in his portfolio. I don’t think he plays favorites and the way things have gone recently, the Rams are probably at the bottom of his list.

He has a city that’s backed into a corner. He’s got a plot of land in LA that could be a future home. He also owns a really nice football (soccer) franchise over in London and would probably love to be the first owner to bring the NFL across the pond, opening a new era of international football.

I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I won’t say St. Louis needs the NFL to be considered a major city or that having the Rams here makes this area a better place to live and work. I certainly don’t consider Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville or Oakland to be anything close to an ideal metropolis. Without an NFL team though, I’d knock those cities down a few more notches in my own personal mindset.

Bottom line, I hope Stan stays.

I guess we’ll find out.






Super Bowl 2014 commercials preview

I’m not going to do anything other than post this link – which you could have gone out and found yourself simply by googling Super Bowl commercials.

But now I’ve done it for you and you can get an advance look at some of the teasers and some of the commercials that will be coming your way during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

So just in case you’ll be at a party and will be in the middle of a cheese dip or re-filling your drink cup, here’s a link for you to enjoy.


I’ll reserve judgment until next week and be back with my winners and losers.

Go Broncos!