A great day to pass on the Rams

Sunday in St. Louis was a perfect weather day. The sky was a crisp, bright blue with nary a cloud. Temperatures were in the 70s with a slight breeze to knock a few early leaves off the trees to help usher in the first day of Autumn. It was a perfect day for golf (actually, I guess it was a perfect day for just about anything but I was fortunate enough to be playing in a four-man scramble in support of Caritas Connections).

So while the Rams took to the field in the Jerry Jones’ AT&T Stadium (naming rights to Cowboys Stadium were for sale so AT&T it is), I was taking to the links in Forest Park.

Apparently, the Rams were decked out in their all blue uniforms. I wouldn’t have known because I avoided the TV in the clubhouse bar and instead relied on my phone for occasional score updates.  I heard it was bad from the beginning and a brutal reminder to Rams fans of all the ineptitude and pathetic play that has been a part of this franchise for the last decade.

It’s week 3 and the panic button is just begging to be pushed.

But I won’t push it yet. The NFL has ups and downs every week – look at the Browns – their fans had written them off as of Thursday, then they turn around and win on Sunday. Look at the 49ers who got shredded in Seattle then returned home to lose to Luck and the Colts. Look at Jacksonville – well, never mind on that one.

Maybe, just maybe, the Rams will rebound from this disaster and somehow send the 49ers reeling to their third straight loss this Thursday night as an amped up Rams crowd (all 52,000 attendees) cheer on Sam and Tavon and fire up a D that has sprung all sorts of leaks. Maybe they’ll even get a turnover or two in their favor and not have such an abundance of yellow flags flying on punt returns and crucial downs.

Well, probably not.

Thursday night just might be the night the Cardinals clinch the National League Central.

So I already know that if things get bad down at the Dome, one thing will definitely be different – it won’t be a great day to pass on the Rams – it’ll be a great night.


One thought on “A great day to pass on the Rams

  1. After posting this last night, I realized the Cardinals have an open date on Thursday as do the Reds and Pirates. So there will be no clinching going on Thursday evening.
    All the more reason for the Rams to step up their game – St. Louis sports fans will be watching – at least those who get the NFL Network.

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