A few more summer games for the committee’s consideration

I watched archery today and a spirited round of table tennis between China and the U.S.

I’ve yet to see any badminton, though. Taking those three sports into consideration, I wondered if the Olympic committee is considering adding on any future games.

I am not slamming any of the above competitions. The individuals that make it to these games are the best of the best. I know I probably wouldn’t score a point in table tennis, would be sure to whiff a few in badminton and probably couldn’t hit the back side of a barn in archery.

But since we’re talking about the summer games, here are a few more that I would like to see added, most of which I at least consider on the level of badminton regarding true skill levels necessary to compete.

1. Ultimate frisbee – this is by far the most difficult of the games I’m proposing. I attended several high school games and the competitions are great fun to watch and pretty intense. If we can have beach volleyball and badminton, we can certainly have ultimate frisbee and I think skill levels from all countries would quickly catch up to the Americans.

2. Pool volleyball – I know we already have regular volleyball and beach volleyball but pool volleyball involves a whole different skill set. It could be made more difficult by having uneven shaped pools with semi-deep and shallow ends with slopes, making play more difficult – that’s the way we do it my in-laws pool and I think it would add an interesting element to the game.

3. Croquet – say what you will about this game but it does require skill. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than sending your opponents ball into a tomato patch.

4. Jarts – this game has lost its popularity but if it were made into an Olympic sport, I’m sure sales would pick up again. Sure, there’s an element of danger to it, particularly if young children are doing the tossing but Olympic training would weed those players out and only the best would be throwing at the circles.

5. Miniature golf – I don’t understand why regular golf isn’t included as an Olympic sport but certainly they could find room to add mini golf to the games. Every four years, the host country could theme out the course -so this year, Olympians could be putting through a makeshift Big Ben or trying to get their final shot in the Royal Crown.

6. Washers – some people may complain that Americans would have a distinct advantage with this game but over time, the Chinese would pass us by with their amazing precision. Beer wouldn’t be optional, it would be mandatory.

I’m sure other countries may be lobbying for some of their own special summer games to be added to the mix – hacky sack, boomerang, maybe jai alai or spearfishing. The more the merrier and perhaps NBC will be able to add yet another network for their coverage.

It’s all in the spirit of competition. I don’t know how to petition the Olympic committee to get any of these into the mix for consideration so the idea probably dies right here. That’s okay. I’ve got some synchronized diving to go watch, anyway.

In the meantime, do you have any games you think should be considered? Summer games only, please. I don’t want to confuse the committee.