Artfully Walls gives my painting exposure a big boost

For the next few days, visitors to will see this upon arriving at the site.

For the next few days, visitors to will see this upon arriving at the site.

As most of you know, when I’m not creating advertising and marketing communications, I also have a passion for painting.

If you’ve ever seen any of my work, it’s quite obvious that the paintings I do are a little off the wall.

Most people like the work, but they don’t necessarily envision my paintings adorning the walls of their home or business.

So I was thrilled to receive an email this morning from an e-commerce website called Artfully Walls promoting some of my work as their Featured Artist of the week. You can view the email that will also take you to my page on their website here:

I have had some success over the past year selling prints on Artfully Walls. I’m hoping that this promotion created by Artfully Walls will lead to a few more.

If nothing else, I am getting a lot of free exposure to my work. I am guessing that the Artfully Walls email list goes out to more than 100,000 people.

That dwarfs the living daylights out of my newsletter email list – it’s still under 100 people. So the email I received is a definite brand-building boost.

I’m hoping for continued growth as an artist in 2020 as my on-going goal is to get better with each painting that I do. Of course, the same applies with all of my advertising and marketing efforts – you’ve got to keep learning, keep expanding and always continue to try and get better.

I have been blessed to be able to successfully pursue both of these endeavors – and I love doing what I do which is essentially use my creative talents in as many ways as I can.

So if you’re not in need of any advertising or marketing communications help, perhaps an off the wall print from Artfully Walls would suffice instead.

Happy New Year!

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Also, if my prices are keeping you from purchasing anything, know that you can order prints of my work on Artfully Walls. You can also order prints as well as get my artwork put onto a variety of items like iPhone covers, pillow throws, tote bags, greeting cards, coffee cups, shower curtains and a wide variety of other items by visiting my other website on Pixels. As if that weren’t enough, more items are now available on Vidaon an even wider variety of items – from umbrellas to yoga mats, clothing and jewelry to household items. I also invite you to follow me onInstagram to see work in progress from start to finish!