Rising to new heights with ‘Ascension’

My most recent painting takes you above the clouds.

My most recent painting takes you above the clouds.

Many times, when traveling by plane, I’ll look out the window and see the clouds below. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to fly above those clouds which was the inspiration behind this recent painting.

Similar to the Greek mythological character Icarus, who used wings to fly but ultimately got too close to the sun, I decided to create my own character who could fly.

Using a few different photo references, I sketched out a young boy, flying above the clouds, holding on to two giant feathers, looking down on the clouds below.

I must be going through some sort of a purple phase because I opted to use that color as the dominant color of the clouds. I always struggle whenever I’m painting clouds – though there is total randomness in cloud formations, the light to dark aspect always confounds me.

But that’s the challenge of painting.

This particular painting is 36″ x 48″. When you see it in person, it’s quite dramatic due to its large size. I like the painting and I also like the title.

Hopefully, you do as well!

In addition to being a writer and Creative Director at BloodLines Creative, I’m also an avid painter who loves to paint the impossible or at least the highly improbable.

Most of my work is available for purchase – or you you can order prints, as well as get my artwork put onto a variety of items like iPhone covers, pillow throws, tote bags, greeting cards, coffee cups, shower curtains and a wide variety of other items by visiting my website on pixels. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram to see work in progress from start to finish!