Bizarre love affair unfolding

America has always been fascinated with technology and the next new thing.

We love gadgets.

Today’s interactive world helps assure that we don’t really need to rely on actual human interaction as much as we used to do. Sure we communicate and stay in touch but it’s online or via texting. The need for direct, face-to-face, look me in the eye, one-on-one communication is disappearing.

Which is why the new commercials for the I-phone 4 where the man engages in dialogue with his phone and seems to be carrying on a true love affair with the voice in his phone is both disturbing and irritating at the same time.

“Life,” he says into his phone as he sits all alone in his den. And the phone’s female voice responds with a series of quotes that warm his heart. Who needs a wife, who needs companionship of any sort when your phone will talk to you and care nothing about how you look or what you do? Your phone will love you for who you are.

Is it really coming to this? That we can program in so many things about ourselves into our phone that it will intuitively know what we like, what we respond to and know how to brighten our day with some little witticism that only it could bring?

Personally, I prefer the loyalty of our dog, Annie, over a phone any day.

And I’ll continue to rely on my friends and family for interaction, not some phone with some tech-y generated voice.

Besides, she’s not my type.